Real-Time MES solution include ToolChecker endpoints.

With respect to the PKND Industry 4.0 solutions, we look forward to welcoming all visitors at Productronia 2019 at B2/569 booth

ToolChecker E20 / E30 / E40 Széria

- Industrial Touchscreen
- 16 digital input
- 14 digital output
- Built-in RFID reader
- Ethernet / Wifi interface
- RS485 port
- RGB Andon lamp controller

User Friendly actions and menus .

With respect to the PKND Industry 4.0 solution, we look forward to welcoming all visitors at Automotive Hungary 2017 at A 206J booth at A 2017-10-18 until 2017.

We are looking forward to welcoming all your interest. Our company presents the FactoryScope package at the exhibition. Location: Pavilion 305D.

Real-Time industrial production monitoring and controlling system. With our system we can monitor production lines, manufacturing cells, automatic assembly machines, injection molding machines in a simple and transparent way.

Our company provides complex services in the field of industrial automation. We undertake the design, implementation and commissioning of new systems and additional automation of automated equipment in use, complete renovation of control systems.

Factory Scope - Real-Time Production Monitoring System (OEE and KPIs)
  • Collect Production datas by our own ToolChecker endpoints
  • Making reports and presentations - Productivity, Efficiency, Downtimes, Scrap, Maintenance
  • Visualization - TimeLine, Charts, FactoryView for desktop and big screens
  • Analysis
  • Integration
  • Improve productability
  1. Observation of local requirements, on-site visit of factory
  2. Making a customized offer, contarct
  3. Installing end-point data acquistion interfaces, setting up IT background services
  4. Importing initial data set into the system ( users, rights, machines, products, etc..)
  5. Test run, QA
  6. Full transfer of system

References - Industry 4.0


Data acquisition HW end-points

FactoryScope system handling end-points with great flexibility, apart from standard HW endpoints we are open to provide highly customized devices, if required.

Standard end-points:

  • MiniPC configuration (ASUS 20” touch monitor + ASUS mini PC)
  • PLC ↔ HMI configuration
  • ToolChecker end-point hardware unit ( for production and tool tracing )
  • DVT1000N – for production monitoring
  • USBTiny USB end-point ( it can be interfaced to already on-site operational industrial computers)

Administration of users and accounts on the system

Administration of the users&opeartors in the system:
Name, WorkingArea, ID number, RFID card number, job. Creating individual jobs, editing applicable rights in the system

Administration of the Shift System

Connecting applied shift systems to production machines and production areas. FactoryScope handling active production time and predicted volumes based on breaks order automatically.

Handling skill matrix

Administration of skills,operators involved in the production. Production line application allows operators check-in to production only with required skills. Production planning module needs operators skill matrix too for automatic planning. There is a preferred index skill level which can be ordered to any individual worker in the meanings of best efficiency and quality. The production planning module countes these skill values for the best output productivity results.

Administration of Production lines and Tools

Registering lines, machines involved in the production. Production lines needs to have their linked products, norm times and applied shift system. Individual production tools can be linked to lines as well.


Administration of products. All products could have a default norm time & operator(s) which are required to counting effeiciency and yield values.

Handling Product ↔Machine ↔ Tools link matrix

Administration of linking tables due operation of automatic Production Planning module. Based on the input information, active orders and available operators the system automatically delivers the best actual production plan which can be modified manually if needed.

Reason of Down times

Registering down times occured during production. Recorded down times can be accounted to individual points of production, sytem allows real time or backlog analysis of down times involved opereators and machines. Handling reason of stopped production properly is mandatory for OEE parameters calculation.

Automated Preventive Maintenance of Machines and Tools

Full traceablity of production machines and tools involved in the production. Counting hours of operation, ability to pre-definied maintenace cycles, visualization of real time position of production tools (such as in production, on shelf, in maintenance, etc..) System delivering automatic warnings of due maintenance cycles, predicted available hours of operation until next maintenace.

Stop production due QC reasons

Production machine exceeded its maintenance cycle, QC has capability to stop production until further measures.

Registering effeiciency and reaction times of maintenance operations

Detailed analysis of maintenance operations, displaying positions of maintainers with real-time capability. System recoding call for maintenance events and their reaction times,also logging preventive maintenance events and various other issues.

Fully automated Call for maintenance system

There is a possibility to call for maintenance directly from the production machine included code or brief notice of the problem, type of the maintenance need such as mechanical or electric, etc..

Quality Control module

Automated sampling system, sending out quality related alerts

This system is suitable for initializing various type of quality control schemes, linking them to production machines several parameters of sampling and control events can be issued. Quality related automatic alerts can be delivered by pre-definied schemes in case of trigger events without loss of time of human intervention.

Storing digital reports, protocols

Examination results are stored in digital reports, further direct intervention of production process if required.

Production or product lockdown

QC has the rights to release or lockdown production. The system has the capability to lockdown production based on automated parameters until QC withdraw of lockdown.

Production Planning

Importing actual order list from other type of ERP systems

FactoryScope can handle open order sheets from various ERP systems by exporting them into common readable format and/or direct external database access. Proper administration of Products ↔ Machines ↔Tools database is mandatory for this function.

Making automated production plan

Our production planning algorythm has various parameters configurable for giving advantage for critical jobs by the actual needs of customers ( such as tuning for minimum change-overs, tool changes, etc..). The production planner is always taking opeartor skills matrix into the account for calculations. Further advantage is that the system has real-time feedback about the actual situation of machnies and tools (such as under maintenance, tool problem, QC lockdown, etc..) and these values are in the account during planning. After accapting the production plan the realization of the plan can be visualized moreover if any changes occur threatening the realization of the plan it will send out alerts to the planners.

Real time alerts if the productio plan is not executable by pause codes

If any production stoppage of the plan occured during the execution period it will send out immediate alert to the production planners.

Statement of Plan relaization

A function for large displays (such as Tvs) where the planning and results are displayed in details real- time.

OSH instruction and examiner module

Flexibly editable OSH instruction and examination procedures

Work safety exams can be created, which can include descriptive material, videos, and retrieval elements. The system verifies the existence and expiration of work-safety examinations at work. An integration logbook function is a scrapbooking function that registers and examinates external workers.

Checking the qualification when logging in to the production line or entering into service.

The employee training matrix can be supplemented by a work safety training matrix that is checked when the job is taken up.

Real-Time Visualization and Statistical Module

Real-time visualization of production tools

The program can be optimally used for large displays and desktops. The actual production data of the tools, production lines, can be displayed: Efficiency, Technical Usage, OEE, list of employees, product, process, preventive maintenance information, quality control information. The information that can be displayed is highly customizable.

Statistics module

Production data registered by the system can be evaluated. Productivity, loss times, response times, and employee productivity data

A suite of Basic Software

Industrial production traceablity system

With FactoryScope Traceability solution, all products in the manufacturing startup will receive a unique barcode identifier. This bar code is required to register at each workstation where parameters of the process are stored (operator, measurement result, snap-in component, etc.). The process order management is also solved by the system, it is not possible to omit process elements during production. The full life of each product is registered with the fixes, associated with quality control information.

Process administration

A process code that can be assigned to the production lines and cells included in the system, which allows the life cycle of the product to be adjusted. Multiple process codes can be assigned to a station, in which case, when registering the job, register what action is being performed at that station.

Product life management administration

The order of the product process and the stations suitable for production can be administered. Here, you can specify critical assembling positions as well as quality control points.

Handling critical components

Administration of critical components. The assembled critical component can be a unique identifier and a packet unit (packet identification).

Tracking product modifications

Registration of the modifications made during the production of the products, recording of their introduction date. When a product is changed, a scheduled deadline can be given to warn the manufacturer of the product when the product is launched. The warning remains active until the change is introduced.

Etiquette Printer Module

It prints the unique identifiers of the products

Industrial facility monitoring system

The FactoryScope Facility package is used to monitor and associated control of the key equipment in industrial facilities. eg. Compressors, Climate, Boilers, Registering a network Voltage, etc.

Equipment monitoring

The system can be fitted with devices that can be assigned parameters to be tested (indicator lamp, fault output, consumption, temperature, pressure, etc.) that can be parameterized. If the current state of the equipment falls outside the operating range, the alarm system will start.

Alarm chain

The alarm chain can be parameterized per area and per device. Alarms can be email notifications as well as sms outside visual display. Alarm levels can be specified. (time-based). 1st maintainer, 2nd maintenance manager, 3rd technical manager / manager.

Handling maintenance and preventive maintenance

Interventions on the devices are digitally recorded, in the form of worksheets. Managing preventive maintenance and review times will be automatically performed and alerted for the tasks that are due.

End points

Signal processing from the devices is performed using self-developed interfaces that can be connected to RS485, Ethernet, Wifi channels.

Industrial Automation
Industrial Automation
  • Design and manufacture of complete automated equipment
  • Design and implementation of post automation for existing equipment
  • System Integration
  • Repair of industrial manufacturing equipment
Building Automation

We undertake to install and build our own-built building diagnostic system. With our system, you can get information about the current status of key equipment (boilers, compressors, air conditioning systems, exhaust / air blowers, etc.). Operating parameters of the monitored equipment are stored in a database. In the case of non-operational operation, an alarm (e-mail, sms) is sent immediately, in which the risky levels can be parameterized. Our field modules may have a radio frequency / transmitter unit for long distances. The system is tailored strictly to customer needs.

Pkn Defense & Industrial Kft.

Design and manufacture of professional high-performance sound amplifiers.

Design and production of industrial electronic devices on the basis of customer requirements.

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